Performance System:

Assessment, Direction, Strategic Implementation, Performance, and Accomplishment



LandMind Consulting has developed knowledge surveys and assessment tools to assist in identifying the specific area of desired growth. Most standardized assessments are designed to evaluate current state, while LandMind Consulting also determines desired outcomes based on experience, statistics, trends and goals.



Each client's performance system is customized to strategically assist them to reach identified objectives and goals. We specialize in a balanced goal oriented approach setting high expectations, with a concrete level of accountability.  


Strategic Implementation:

As skills are developed, they must be utilized in order to be perfected..."perfect practice makes perfect"- is the theory that best describes the methodology adopted by LandMind Consulting. Strategic implementation is also defined as the manner in which a person or organization should develop, utilize, and maintain control systems to create the competitive advantage and achieve better personal performance.




Is defined as the manner in which something or somebody functions, operates or behaves. Performance is personal- from public speaking, improvement in process and product development, career advancement, to athletic enhancement, each outcome is specifically personal.  LandMind Consulting utilizes mindset coaching, proven strategic planning, and other techniques to maximize each clients confidence which translates into optimal performance.



Studies show that incentives and rewards are some of the best benefits of expected performance in order to create a repetitive behavior. LandMind Consulting assist in creating or developing new habits to replace those which are useless to the client in continuing their desired results and success.





I worked with LandMind Consulting on a personal level and was able to increase my productivity, manage my grueling schedule, and balance my family time a lot better...I think anyone could benefit from the professional coaching LandMind provides.

- Anthony F., Former Mayor of Charlotte